About Us

Amid the hustle and bustle of Indian corporate life, Bhawna and Shantanu had always dreamed of starting their own business, but they wanted it to be different from any company they had ever worked for before. They had seen first-hand the negative effects of a toxic work culture, and they knew they wanted to create something better.

After much consideration – successful and failed attempts alike – and a little bit of luck, Dime in Time Media was born. But they knew that founding an affiliate marketing agency wasn’t the easiest way to earn a living. The industry was booming, and everyday hundreds of competitors would pop up with their own attempt at offering digital marketing services. However, their determination was targeted towards doing things differently. They wanted to build a culture that was focused on fostering creativity and innovation by generating a healthy breeding ground for ideas.

Thus, Dime in Time Media believes in making a conscious effort to listen to every team member’s opinion and gives every idea careful consideration. Our founders are sure that with the right culture, anything is possible. We believe in creating an organisation that not only achieves financial success, but also provides the best service in the market whilst fostering a rewarding work environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive profitable growth for our clients through digital marketing services. We prioritise transparency and trust in our partnerships, using data-driven strategies to consistently deliver the best results.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a trusted partner for our clients, and to help them achieve their business objectives through a combination of good work, clear communication, and thinking digitally.

Our Team

Bhawna Balchandani

Chief Executive Officer

Shantanu Balchandani

Director & Founder

Kalpesh Thakur

Manager- HR & Finance

Muskan Agarwal

Social Media Marketing Manager

Riya Kukreja

Business Development Manager

Itishree Parmar

Content Strategist

Nikita Mishra

Graphic Designer

Devendra Jaiswal

SEO Analyst

Sharath Nair

Digital Marketing Manager

Ankit Shrivas

Tracking Analyst

Kanika Gupta

Affliate Manager

Karan Namdev

Office Manager

Mrunali Gaikwad

Content Writer

Nitya Sharma

Content Writer